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Soft Call Communication is uniquely qualified to deliver all ICT Services ranging from Software Development, Internet Services, Computer Accessories, Hardware and LAN Services
We have experience in delivering Consulting Solutions in various sectors: International NGO, Banking, Media, Agri-business, Healthcare, Higher Education, Telecommunications, and Government Agencies.

Softcall Communication Ltd (herein referred to as Softcall) is a company that specializes in providing Information Communication and Technology (ICT) services and solutions to organizations and individuals with an aim …

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Soft Call communication Blog highlights key projects, proposal and acts as a knowledge database for our clients.

Software Re-Engineering

Software Re-Engineering

Software re-engineering is concerned with re-implementing legacy systemsto make them more maintainable. Re-engineering may involve re-documenting thesystem, organising and restructuring the system, translating the system to a moremodern programming language …