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Our Integrated Commodity and Hospital Management System is a public sector Hospital Management System for Level 5 Hospitals in Kenya


Public Sector

The Citizen driven partcipation platform for 2 way, secure, Anonymous , Confidential and Anonymous Feedback Messaging System 


Marketing Analytics

Marketing Campaigns Tools for ROI in Analytics, Run Several Marketing Campaigns, Run Draws, Choose Winners, Reward Users and Monitor Trends

Software Dev’ and Engineering

We explore to unto unchartered waters to offers non-off the Shelf Solutions, Indepth Research, Business Life Cycle Analysis and Automation


Advantages of the CalKare Health Management System for Public Health Facilities in Kenya

Improved Processes

Automation is one of the main benefits here. It helps to optimize the user experience. Medical specialists, patients, and hospital authorities can interact online, make the appointments and exchange information.


Digital Medical Records

The hospital database includes all the necessary patient data. The disease history, test results, prescribed treatment can be accessed by doctors without much delay in order to make an accurate diagnosis and monitor the patient’s health. 


Financial Control

The management has the ability to monitor different financial operations including expenses, profits, and losses, paying bills and taxes, in and outpatient billing. The financial awareness helps to analyze business prospects quite clear and move in the right direction.


Facility Management

Hospitals authorities are able to manage their available resources, analyze staff work, reduce the equipment downtime, optimize the supply chain, etc. Another fact to mention is that hospital staff deal with the digital data instead of endless paperwork


National Health Insurance Fund 

Integration with health insurance services improves the experience of the patients and brings benefits to the institution. It allows you to be innovative and helps both the patient and hospital to handle many aspects of the insurance process successfully.


Health Inventory Management

The System Automates Purchasing and Inventory Movement of All the porducts and services in a public Health Facility. Non-pharm and Pharmacetical Stores, Pharmacy, Inpatient Treatment, Alerts and Notification on Stock Outs


Revenue Collections

Have unlimted Revenue Collection options with Exclusive Products with in the Facility, from the Outpatient Billing, Inpatient Billing, Cost Sharing, Carteen, Records Revenue, Public Health Licences and Much more with Integrated MPESA and Cash payment options


Hospital Management System

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Anonymous Reporting Systems


Brand Loyalty Management System


Software Development

User Software Requirement Specification, System Requirement Analysis, System Design and Prototyping, Development and Coding, System Testing and Use Case Analysis, Deployment, Configuration and System Integration.

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