The Merchandiser

The Merchandiser

September 15, 2022 Software Consulting Projects Software Project Proposals 0

The Merchandiser Project Overview

The merchandiser is a quick thought, very quick. We will look at it from 2 angles. First let me tell you a story about Brian. Brian works for a distribution company as head of product development and market Entry. Brian like to sit and over a cup of coffee most evenings with a friend or two as they pick on the current trends. Brian loves politics but am thinking, why not pull him away from politics and actually discuss what he wakes up to do everyday.

What do you want to know? He Asks, i just wake up , look at the products and identify which section of the market they should lie, map my sales team and wait for reports. It sounds easy but yes its quite a hustle because it involves humans and we are motivated differently. What do you for reporting? Basically we have an app that sends in the data, we download unto excel and analyze the Data? It gets interesting because my computing mind is now all over.

The firstest place to hide is the google notes.

Project Objective

Can i get a sales app that people just subscribe and have ready projects to push on commission? Can i get 2-4 apps

Target Market


Terms of Reference

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