The Soft Consumer Promotion System (CPS) is a digital promotion application with carefully researched features to enhance consumer promotion, increase brand feasibility, increase product sales, provide client with marketing and sales baseline for market segmentation.


Make it Fun

Activate brand through TV Advertisement, Road Shows, Branding in Supermarkets

Unique Coupons

Print and Seal Unique Coupons. Printable on product packaging or attached to product packaging

Scratch and Redeem

Consumer scratch to reveal unique coupon and sent to registered SMS code 22408.

Draw and Win

Run Daily, Weekly , Bi-weekly Draws to select winners. Present Instant pricing.

Reward Winners

Consumers love to get a surprise call that they bought your product and they won a prize.

Analytics and Market Insights

Segregate Market and Throw in coupons allocation to your distribution and study market trends of your bran