Rada Corruption Database in Kenya

Rada Corruption Database in Kenya

September 29, 2022 Software Consulting Application Systems Projects Software Apps 0

Rada is a Swahili name for Alert. As the name depicts, the RADA Corruption database seeks to alert people on the status of corruption cases in Kenya. The database contains information of corruption related cases that have been adjudicated upon and those that are yet to be concluded by various courts in Kenya. The database will also contain some reports from the Auditor General, the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and the Director of Public Prosecution.

The RADA project aims at fighting corruption in the country through improving access to information on corruption related cases. This will be done through collating information of such cases from the various actors in the judicial chain.

Project is being implemented by TI-Kenya with support from the Open Society Foundations.

The Project basically mines information off completed Corruptions cases and creates datasets around three major areas


Corruption Places of Interest

Places of interest in regards to Rada are places that red spots for corruption cases, not because somebody said so but because data from the analyzed cases Indicate that there are corruption cases that have been prosecuted originating from that sources. The Rada Places of Interest include



Person of Interest

Persons of Interest are people who have participated a corruption case. The desire of the system is to be able to map persons and the outcomes of every case. The system is able to show how many cases any individual has participated in and the impact f that interaction.

Rada therefore classifies the person into the following categories.

  1.  Magistrates
  2.  Judges
  3.  Advocates
  4. Prosecutors
  5.  Investigators
  6.  Accused Persons