Loyalty programs are supposed to unlock great value for companies by driving higher sales and boosting brand affinity but with the increased digital space consumers have access to copious amounts of information at their fingertips in today’s digital age. Technology has enabled them to find the best deals and bargains effortlessly, thus causing them to jump from one brand to another, whenever it fits their budget.

Consumers are seeking benefits that come in various tiers. The most basic tier is the benefits that are relevant to individual consumers. The next tier is to create experiences that will incentivise them to become a “priority” member. Consumers want to know if they will be treated differently if they fall within the high-tier of a loyalty program.

Reality check “Consumers tend to go back to (loyal) brands that they are either familiar with or had a good experience with”

Give points for profitable actions: 100% customizable event system allows you to set points earning rules for every scenario. Every product will have its own point system based on the value placed on the atom. Different brands can have different configurable point system depending on the customer segmentation and consumer targeting.

Reward customers with targeted incentives: Personalized atoms, instant prizes, and instant or occasional appreciation messages from brand will help you turn customers into advocates. The maple system has a configurable instant airtime on purchase of any product with a verified atom on it. Consumers who send their atom to the system will receive instant airtime based on the value of product.

The system has a configurable instant messaging system for appreciation for every customer and tells them on items on offer e.g. accessories that may go with a specific brand. This is different from messages blasts which can be very annoying and very untargetedToggle Content