ess Process Re-engineering

Why Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Process Re-engineering Business Process Re-engineering – process used to greatly improve performance in an origination by radically redesigning the organization’s business processes Radically improve organization performance Improve organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness It therefore involves improving and redesigning existing systems and organizational structures This will essentially involve 3 processes of Analysis, Design and Implementation BPR…
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May 6, 2022 0
Software Re-Engineering

Software Re-Engineering

Software re-engineering is concerned with re-implementing legacy systemsto make them more maintainable. Re-engineering may involve re-documenting thesystem, organising and restructuring the system, translating the system to a moremodern programming language and modifying and updating the structure and valuesof the system’s data. The functionality of the software is not changed and,normally, the system architecture also remains…
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May 5, 2022 0

Installation of Dspace 6.x – Step 3

Step three in the installation of dspace 6.x involves the following: Installation of Tomcat Setup environment variables Configuration of Tomcat Installation of Tomcat Download the and extract the Tomcat package, If the above mentioned link not working, visit Tomcat website and download the package. Rename folder “apache-tomcat-8.5.50” to “tomcat“ Delete the Tomcat package file from /opt folder Open the…
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August 11, 2021 0

Installation of DSpace 6.x on Ubuntu 18.04 – Step 2

Installation of Dspace 6.x on Ubuntu 18.04 Step 2 entails the following Create a DSpace user Download DSpace Extracting Dspace package Installation of DSpace Create a DSpace user Apply the following commands one by one, Create a directory to build Dspace Download DSpace into /build directory Copy-paste following line in the terminal, You can find…
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August 11, 2021 1
Install DSpace 6.x

Install DSpace 6.x on Ubuntu 18.04 -Step 1

Install Dspace 6.x prerequisite applications Below is the the first steps on how to Install Dspace 6.x Digital Repository. Open  Applications > Accessories > Terminal and execute the following commands. Apply following commands, Install vim Editor, Java JDK, Postgresql, ant and Maven Login to PostgreSQL and create the database Enter a password for new role: [Enter a password…
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customize Dspace

How to Customize Dspace XMLUI front page

How to customize Dspace xmlui front page Learn how to Customize Dspace xmlui front page by following a the following steps.Lets start with the above screenshot of the landing page of the xmlui front page. The Dspace xmlui front page looks as below Open a Terminal and apply the following command to open the news…
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August 4, 2021 1

Required PostgreSQL pgcrypto extension is NOT INSTALLED on this database.

Pgcrypto extension is NOT INSTALLED Pgcrypto extension is NOT INSTALLED is a Common error with pgcrypto but you have to not that this extension is installed per database,Common error is to install it on the default postgres user. Therefore while installing DSPACE do the do following : CREATE EXTENSION

July 27, 2021 0
new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible

ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible with the encoding of the template database (SQL_ASCII)

Please follow the steps below to sought the above postgresql ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible We need to drop or modify template1. Templates can’t be dropped, hence we need to make make an database: ERROR: new encoding (UTF8) is incompatible su postgres psql UPDATE pg_database SET datistemplate = FALSE WHERE datname = ‘template1’; Now…
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July 22, 2021 1